जुलाई २०२१ अंक ०२ के लिए लेख आमंत्रित किये जा रहे है । आप सभी लेखकों से अनुरोध है कि किसान उपयोगी लेख दिनांक मई ३० तक २०२१ तक प्रेषित करने की कृपा करें ।

Pragati International Scientific Research Foundation (PISRF), Meerut was established on December 14, 2018 (Registration No. 163-IV/2018) as a ‘charitable Trust’ under “The Indian Trusts Act, 1882”. This trust acts as a think tank for addressing scientific community for food, nutritional and livelihood security of people who are engaged in agriculture. PISRF is providing a global platform for discussion of innovative technologies, dialogue among the scientific communities, to take care of upliftment of weaker section through enhancing their education level and addressing health related issues. It also facilitates to organize the workshops, conferences, seminars, meetings, brainstorming sessions, policy discussions on innovative technologies in agriculture as well as other related area of science.