The aims and objectives for which this Trust is established are:

  • Establishment of educational Institutions and activities for upliftment of education level of resource poor and backward society peoples in developing/least developed countries.
  • Research, development and promotion in different agricultural activities for enhancing of food, nutritional and livelihood security of farmers on which they are dependent on their subsistence upon agriculture.
  • Human resource development through training to the trainers, stakeholders, farmers etc., organizing the scientific meetings such as conferences, workshops, seminars etc.
  • Women empowerment of socially backward through entrepreneurship specially engaged in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, processing and value addition for their economic growth.
  • Livestock improvement programme through improved breeding/genetic, nutritional in fodders and health of animals’ related issues for increasing productivity.
  • Promotion of sanitation and health related programme in rural and most backwards area peoples in developing and least developed countries.
  • Creating awareness among the peoples of negative impact of climate changes on agricultural productivity, human health as well as biodiversity etc.
  • Promotion of climate smart agriculture for reducing the GHGs to the environment from various agricultural activities.
  • Renewable source of energy production and management from biomass available from different types agriculture residues, forest wastes/residues, human and animal secrete/waste, organic matters /waste from sewage etc
  • Establishment/ technical support for promotion the production of bio-methane, bio-ethanol, bio-CNG and supply to run vehicles, motor cars, household energy requirements, electricity generation etc. from organic matters available like crops residues, vegetable, fruits wastages and garbage/ wastage of stutter house/poultry/chicken houses etc. in cities as well as rural areas.

The area of operation of the Trust shall initially be the whole of India as well as abroad (other than India) other countries in world.