Board of Trustees


The management and control of the Trust and its properties shall rest in the Board of Trustees which shall comprise Life Time Trustees and Trustees. The Trust shall function with the Board of Trustees based on only Life Time Trustees which takes policy decisions. The Board of Trustees shall nominate, invite person/persons to be the Trustees. Following is structure for Board of Trustees.

2. Vice President
3. General Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Life Time Trustee
6. Life Time Trustee
7. Life Time Trustee
8. Life Time Trustee
9. Life Time Trustee
10. Life Time Trustee
11. Life Time Trustee
12. Trustee
13. Trustee
14. Trustee
15. Trustee
16. Trustee
17. Trustee
18. Trustee
19. Trustee
20. Trustee
21. Trustee


Trustee The Trustee is comprises scientists, teachers, technicians, students, extension workers, company professionals, private consultants, administrators, agricultural field representatives and rural development personals. Any person interested in objectives of trust shall be eligible for trustee.